Skincare tips

You’ve only got one skin. It’s important that you take care of it. Young Solution is here to help you when spots try to take over. Get into the habit of using it once or twice a day (have a look at Our Stuff or the back of each pack to know when and how often to use what) and be religious about it. Then follow our simple Skincare Tips to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your skin healthy inside and out.

1. Anti-oxidants are awesome!

Anti-oxidants are tiny little chemical compounds that work to clean your skin from within. You get them mainly from eating the right things. Fresh fruit & veg, as well as wholegrain foods like wholewheat bread or brown rice, are your best sources of anti-oxidants so make sure you pile your plate with them on a daily basis.

2.Drink lots of water

One of the ways our bodies use water is to flush out impurities. It gets right into every cell and helps to wash away the bad stuff, like excess oils and toxins…stuff that can cause zits! Keeping yourself hydrated means there is less chance for rubbish to build up in your cells so drink lots of water to help keep your skin clean, clear and healthy.

3. give your skin room to breath

If you are prone to getting spots all over your body, avoid wearing tight clothes so your skin has some room to move and breathe. Dirt and oil can collect in the material and friction can cause irritation.

4. be sun sensible

The sun is unavoidable…it’ll get you on the sports field, walking between classes or when you’re just hanging with friends at break times. Too much sun can damage your skin, which means lots of wrinkles later in life! It can also make your body produce more sebum (natural skin oil) so it can make acne worse. Make sure you protect your skin every day by using a moisturizer with a built-in SPF, like Young Solution’s Take Control Mattifying Moisturiser (SPF 15).

5. thow shalt not squeeze

We know how tempting it can be to get your nails under those nasty white and blackheads when they appear and how satisfying it can be when they pop. But resist the urge! Squeezing your zits could damage both the pore and the skin around it so that when the impurities causing the zits are gone, you will be left with a nasty scar. Rather reach for Young Solution and let it do the work for you…it will leave your skin problem- and scar-free!

6. keep your hands to yourself

Touching your face without washing your hands first means any bacteria on your fingers can get into your pores. Avoid unnecessary zits by making sure your hands are clean before you apply anything like creams or make-up and try not to touch your face throughout the day.