Who we are

Young Solution is a skincare brand that offers products specifically formulated and designed to target the problems faced by teens and young adults the world over. It promises oil-free, spot-free skin in no time at all.

Founded by Innoxa – a recognized brand worldwide known for its effective range of hypoallergenic skincare offerings that ‘do not harm your skin’. Founding pioneers of skincare without animal testing, Innoxa products are proudly endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.

Innoxa was founded in France by dermatologist, Dr Francois Debat, who believed in treating every being gently. Right from the beginning the Innoxa philosophy has been “First do no Harm”.

Living all over the world in 1925, recognizing the strength of the formulations, pharmacist, Albert Alberman exported the first Innoxa products from France to the United Kingdom where it was the first skincare range to be recognized by the British Medical Association.

The Innoxa business thrived in the United Kingdom during the 1930’s, resulting in the need for Albert Alberman to commence manufacture of Innoxa products in the UK to service the demand for the range of high quality hypo-allergenic skincare. The UK would later become the sole manufacturer of Innoxa products during WWII, due to the occupation of France.

In 1933, the brand expanded globally, with Innoxa products being exported for the first time to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Following which, local demand for the iconic skincare range lead to local manufacture commencing in Australia in 1933, followed by South African in 1945.

By the 1980’s, Innoxa realised that teen skin needed specialist treatment and the Young Solution range was born. Innoxa poured experience and technical know-how into the formulation of a range of products that were guaranteed to target and effectively deal with the problems faced daily by younger skin.

Today, Young Solution is manufactured with care in South Africa. By partnering with local developers and manufacturers, the best in the field, Young Solution is able to offer renowned skincare products tailor-made to the South African environment and specific skincare concerns.